Steve Jobs

The name of my book was Who Was Steve Jobs and the other was Pamela D. Pollack. Steve Jobs like to work with electronics and he would help his dad Mr. Jobs fix cars. Steve was adopted by the Jobs who had not had kids later they adopted another kid Steve’s sister. When Steve made Apple he wanted Apple to be the best company. He had named It apple because Steve liked fruit and the reason the mac is the mac is a Macintosh is a fruit to. That is a little about Steve Jobs Steve was amazing person I would love to meet him

Nelson Mandela

The name of my book is Nelson Mandela No Easy Walk to Freedom and the author is Barry Denenberg.  Three facts I find interesting are he didn’t even care if he had to go to prison for 26 years.  Another thing is that even if he is seventy years old in prison and every morning he still exercised for two hours every morning.  The last one is that he never gave up on his goals.  I would want to meet him in real life because I think it would be cool to watch him make his speeches and how he had survived so long in prison.  I think he is a very hard-working man and is good at fighting with his words.

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

:Ann Byers

 Three facts about Neil Armstrong are, he was the first man on the moon. Another fact was he attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. A third fact is he was in his second year of college he was plucked from his classroom and was immediately placed in naval flight school because of the Korean ear. I would like to meet him in real life because he was the first person to touch the moon. In the navy he flew a plane in the Korean war when he was only 20. And he was based on the American aircraft carrier the USS Essex. Then he was asked to join NASA and he accepted. Then he flew into space on the Apollo 11 mission where he was the first person on the moon.

Harry Houdini

I read Harry Houdini by Vicky Cobb.  Three facts about him are that he jumped of bridges with weights and handcuffs while being chained  and the water is freezing.  He even made hole in ice so he could jump through ice and then escape!  He did an escape that he  he was in a a milk can and he had to escape but it was full of water!  He was also made a movies. I would want to meet this person in real life because he was very genours in life because during world war 1 he taught people how to escape from German handcuffs and he gave money to soliders. That is why i would want to meet Harry Houdini.




George Washington

George washington

By: Arthur M. Schlesinger, JR.

The Facts about George Washington are, He grew up on a tobacco field in Virginia, Second fact is When George Washington was 20 he joined the military, Third is he was the first president of the united states. I would want to meet him in real life because he is a really interesting man. And he was the first president of the united states. When George was 11 his dad died so his mom had to take care of the tobacco field and the children.

Albert Einstien

The name of the biography I read is called Odd Boy Out by Don Brown. It is about young Albert Einstein. He was born on March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany. Albert’s  head was a little too big, so it will always look swollen in the back. He has a sister named Maja who he is sometimes cruel to. Albert liked puzzling over life’s mystery’s, like light and the compass.. If I could meet Albert Einstein, I would take the opportunity to ask him how he came up with E= mc2. I also would like to see him invent something. Albert got married and had a son.

Isabella of Castile

My Boo-ography book is Isabella of Castile by Nancy Rubin. My person caused the Spanish Inquisition. I always thought she was the only child, but she had a older half-brother Enrique IV and a younger brother, Alfonso. She also thought she was god’s favorite, because everything she wished for came true. I would like to meet this person in real life because even though she wasn’t that nice she took over Castile when no one thought she could, and she didn’t let anyone get in her way. One thing really interesting was that she was the grandmother of Mary Tudor, otherwise known as Bloody Mary, because her daughter Katherine of Aragon married Henry VIII of England. Also, Isabella married Ferdinand of Aragon and never let him even take over a city. This is my Boo-ography person.

Leonardo da Vinci

I read Leonardo da Vinci by Robert Byrd. Most people think that Leonardo was a great artist. Wich is true , but he was also a great mathmatichian, inventor, painter, musician and lots more. When he was young he loved nature. Sadly nobody loved him. Not even his grandparents. I would defenetly want to meet him in real life. I would love to ask him what he was thinking.I would not be shocked if he had a lot on his mind . i wonder what he was like and what subject he liked best.Through all this mess that he had to go through he made history.

George Washington

I read George Washington A photographic story of life by Lenny Hort. Some facts about Georg Washington is he was never voted president they just agreed on it that he was president. Some other interesting facts are that he was the first person to sign the constitution. George’s father was almost never around so if he did cut down a cherry tree his father might have not have noticed. I would really like to meet him because he did a lot of cool stuff in his life and he is really inspiring to me. That is my blog for George Washington.

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson

If you love baseball and Jackie Robinson, then you have come to the right blog. I am going to tell you a numerous amount of facts about Jackie off a book I read called Jackie Robinson Champion for Equality by Michael Teitelbaum. Now on to the facts. One is that Jackie wasn’t the only athlete in the Robinson household. His brother Mack Robinson was a sprinter in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany and won the silver medal in the 200 meter sprint only to lose to Jesse Owens. Another one is that Jackie went to University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) where he had his famous run where he had a track tournament and a baseball championship game. One was home and one was away. He asked his friend to drive him to both games. He drove to the track tournament but on the way they got a flat tire! Jackie got out and sprinted to the track. He won. The friend got a new tire the drove him to the baseball game and made it with two minutes to spare. They won. One last fact is that when Jackie was six months old, his father abandon the family leaving Mrs. Robinson to raise all five children by herself.

Now if I could meet this person in real life I would totally accept. Now why? Well, I would have a zillion questions, but I’ll tell you just three. What was it like to be jeered, threatened, and insulted just because you’re black? What was it like to be growing with just a mother? How did you feel when you found out your son was arrested?

Those are all the facts I can give you right now. And there is just one more thing I have to say… GO DODGERS!